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The Wars of the Angels re-imagined for the Medieval Mindset!

The Wars of the Angels re-imagined for the Medieval Mindset


Up to 8 players per game

Bots on or off

13 Maps (more to be added)

Choice of male and female progagonists

Choice of 2 teams

Choice of 7 Classes per team

Ingame textchat global and team

Kick System

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This story has no beginning and no end. In the past a race of Angels, on a distant world had reached the limit of their development, they had exhausted the natural resources of their planet and had faced stagnation and decline. With their eventual decline before them they built the ship known as the Sky Citadel, a mobile space city in which they could travel across the sea of stars to find new worlds, which they could exploit and dominate, enslaving any existing populations they might find.

After travelling the vastness of space and time, they came upon the Earth. A planet rich in the minerals they needed for their technology. They found vast deposits of gold deep within the subterranean caverns, a valuable resource which they hoped would be a catalyst for a renaissance of their disintegrating culture.

Upon the Earth they discovered many lifeforms all of which were far more primitive than themselves, lifeforms which they could, using their science and magic, change and modify to create slaves and playthings for their pleasure and use.

They took their Angel essence and mixed it with the beasts of the grasslands to create docile and willing comfort males and females to satiate their lust. They mixed their essence with the apes to create the slaves to mine minerals they desired. They used their essence with the fishes of the oceans to create the builders of the great undersea city. They created a myriad of giants, dwarfs, fabulous beautiful creatures, monsters and abominations. These creations were later to be known as The Fae.

In time when the Angels had taken vast amounts of gold from the Earth, they left to continue their odyssey of conquest and exploitation, leaving 199 Angels on Earth to oversee the planet’s domination.

In time the Angel overseers came to feel love for their subjects, and began to breed with them, and eventually school them in the arts of warfare, science, architecture, medicine, and aesthetics. Within time, the overseers, freed their slaves, and adopted an egalitarian societal model. Eventually the former slaves and their former overseers built vast cities together creating a paradise upon the Earth.

Eventually the Sky Citadel returned after a long and unsuccessful voyage. At this stage most of the technology of the Sky Citadel no longer functioned, and all the knowledge of the home planet was now lost in the mists of time. The Angels had decided that they would now have to establish a new home upon the Earth.

However the inhabitants of the returning Sky Citadel were horrified to find that the 199 overseers had created a new society and had genetically intermixed themselves with the slave races. The action the Angels took was swift and brutal. Led by the first clone of the master, the Angel Champion, the angels attacked the fabulous city of Atlantis, capturing most of the overseers, crippling their wings, torturing them, and eventually imprisoning them in the caverns of Subterrania. They then moved the Sky Citadel closer to the Earth causing fluctuations in the weather, the result of which was a global flood that wiped out the civilisation of
the Overseers.

Very few of the Fae survived and those that did were forced to live hidden away and in secret. The Angels re-established the old order using a newly created slave race, part Angel, part ape, to develop the science and technologies, the Angels needed to repair and develop the Sky Citadel, which by this time was little more than a floating hulk, with most of the technology no longer functioning. The original science, technology and knowledge which had been behind the building of the Sky Citadel were by this time long forgotten and lost to time. The Angels were now relying on their slaves to eventually develop an advanced civilisation which the Angels would then take control of.

In the meantime deep in the caverns of the Earth, the former overseers, and now Rebel Angels, along with a few of the Fae which had survived the flood had overthrown the guard race keeping them prisoner. All of the guards had renounced their allegiance to the Angels, and had joined the Rebels. The Rebel Angels had then begun building a huge city so that they and their allies could live in comfort and safety.

As the Rebels had been the Scientists, Alchemists and Thinkers of the original Angel society they were able to utilise what resources they had at hand. There were many new discoveries one of these being Brimstone Fire, the sulphuric blue energy with which they could power and light their great city, and another being Vril, the energy source which when combined with Brimstone Fire and focused through different mineral lenses could produce a super energy.

With the discovery of Vril work began on the Brimstone Ray, a canon so powerful it would be capable of neutralising all of the advanced technology on the Sky Citadel. There was however a problem for the Rebel Angels, the four gems, which were to form the lenses needed for the Vril accumulators, the essential energy focusing component of the Brimstone Ray, were located in the Rebellion friendly City of Sodom on the surface above, city which was under attack by the Angel Army.

The Angels had sent agents into Sodom who had learned of the existence of the gems, but not the location. They had then used ‘Rain of Fire’, a primitive but effective technology, where sulphur pellets were shot at a target from the Sky Citadel to destroy the city. Then as Sodom burned and it’s citizens were reduced to panic and madness, the Angel soldiers moved in searching for the gems.

It is at this point a Rebel Angel foot soldier and a Dark Angel Resurrectionist managed to defeat hundreds of Angels and locate the gems before the Angels did, they then escaped the falling city of Sodom, travelled beneath the Dead Sea, across the Bridge of the Damned and entered the newly built Third City of Hell, where they took the gems to the Vril accumulators. Then they made their way to the mountains at the top of the World and fired the Brimstone Ray.

The Sky Citadel was completely incapacitated by the blast leaving it a cratered rock floating in the Earth’s sky. Following this victory the Rebels began planning their final assault,

However the Angel Empire was far from finished. In a secret location they had built a fabulous city, where they had managed to relocate some of their advanced weaponry, including a time-travelling device called ‘The Bell’,
‘The Bell’ had enabled the Angels to make contact with developing civilizations in the Earth’s future, and exchange ideas, weaponry and armour.

In addition to their hidden city the Angels had also began creating a subterranean network of outposts and tunnels. This network had enabled them to wage war on the Rebel cities of Hell.

In time, with the aid of re-converted Rebels, the Angels managed a major raid on the Third City of Hell, stealing away all of the Bloodfire and Brimstone weapons. They Also managed to take with them the recently developed Angelfire weapons. The Queen of the city is now in hiding, awaiting assistance.

This raid gave the Angels a distinct technological over the Rebels, who now face total extermination.

A team of elite Dark Angel Soldiers have already attempted to locate and destroy ‘The Bell’ in the hope of stopping the Angels from gaining further technology from future civilizations. The y managed to find the location of the hidden city, which they have reported back is a a cemetery which archives the ashes of all the dead Angels, in the hope of resurrecting them sometime in the days yet to come.

The advance team also reported that although the angels have Brimstone and Bloodfire weapons they have yet to utilise them to their full potential. Also the Angels now have in addition to Archangels in their ranks several Valkyries who are stronger and able to fly somewhat despite the Earth’s strong gravity and the weight of their armour.

The advance team also managed to reprt that they had located ‘The Bell’ and were about to attempt to destroy it

However they were captured and now face torture and death in the Angel’s prison.

The survival of the Rebel Angels now hangs in the balance. The Queen of the Third City of Hell needs to be saved, and the Angel occupation force defeated. Then the advance team needs to be rescued from the prison, so that they can report the location of the Angel City and The Bell. Then The Bell must be destroyed, at all costs.




Choice of 3 different players

3 different difficulty levels

Original Soundscore

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Sequel to The Last Days of Sodom


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The first game by Abomination Games entitled The Last Days of Sodom is based in the Dead Sea Region of the Middle East around 4,000 years ago. The Main protagonist is a nameless fallen angel, who together with his comrade the fallen angel Resurrectionist must find four gems which are essential components for the super-weapon-in-development, The Brimstone Ray.

The four gems are located in the City of Sodom, one of the five Cities of the Plain. Sodom is under attack by the Angel Army of which our protagonist and the Resurrectionist are former members of. Time is running out as the Angel Army id also searching for the gems, so that they can destroy them and halt the firing of the Brimstone Ray, which is capable of destroying the Angel technology on the Sky Citadel, a spherical satellite which is orbiting the Earth and from where the Angels can influence the weather and attack the planets surface.

Music by Tony McKormack of Inkubus Sukkubus, Vampire Division and founder member and songwriter of The Screaming Dead.

A major upgrade for this game is planned soon, will update automatically if connected to Steam.

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