Welcome to Abomination Games we are a new independent game developer based in Gloucester UK. We are to specialise in mystical and occult games.


The first game by Abomination Games entitled The Last Days of Sodom is based in the Dead Sea Region of the Middle East around 4,000 years ago. The Main protagonist is a nameless fallen angel, who together with his comrade the fallen angel Resurrectionist must find four gems which are essential components for the super-weapon-in-development, The Brimstone Ray.

The four gems are located in the City of Sodom, one of the five Cities of the Plain. Sodom is under attack by the Angel Army of which our protagonist and the Resurrectionist are former members of. Time is running out as the Angel Army id also searching for the gems, so that they can destroy them and halt the firing of the Brimstone Ray, which is capable of destroying the Angel technology on the Sky Citadel, a spherical satellite which is orbiting the Earth and from where the Angels can influence the weather and attack the planets surface.

Music by Tony McKormack of Inkubus Sukkubus, Vampire Division and founder member and songwriter of The Screaming Dead

Expected release date February 2nd 2022